Molly’s Game (2017) quotes


Aaron Sorkin.

Jessica Chastain.
Idris Elba.
Kevin Costner.

The true story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game and became an FBI target.

You know what makes you feel okay about losing? Winning.
– Molly Bloom

To whoever answered that the worst thing that can happen in sports is getting 4th place in the Olympics: Seriously? Fuck you.
– Molly Bloom

– Molly Bloom
You are so fucked!
– Player X

This courthouse is located within spitting distance of Wall Street. I know this from my personal experience trying to spit at it. The men and women who work there will commit more serious crimes by lunchtime today than the defendant has committed in this indictment.
– Judge Foxman

Your addiction was having power over powerful men.
– Larry Bloom

You know, I don’t like playing poker.
– Player X
Why do you play?
– Molly Bloom
I like destroying lives.
– Player X

Because it’s my name… and I’ll never have another.
– Molly Bloom

I’ll have an appletini.
– John G

Hey. Switch seats.
– Charlie Jaffey

A survey was taken a few years ago that asked 300 professionals one question, “What’s the worst thing that can happen in sports?” Some people answered losing a game 7, and other people said getting swept in the 4. Some people said it was missing the world cup, and some Brazilians said it was losing to Argentina. Not just in the world cup. Anytime, ever in any contest. But one person answered that the worst thing that can happen in sports is 4th place at the Olympics.
– Molly Bloom

In Mike Davidoff’s phone, intercepts alone, just Davidoff, your name comes up 19 times! “We need Molly…” “Get Molly…” “Bring Molly.” It strongly suggests you were important to his business, so it’s hard for me to believe that someone with your savvy and obvious intellect…
– Harrison Wellstone
They’re talking about the drug. “Get molly” “Bring molly” “We need molly” It’s… they’re talking about the drug ‘ecstasy’.
– Molly Bloom

This is a true story, but except for my own, I’ve changed all the names and I’ve done my best to obscure identities for reasons that’ll become clear.
– Molly Bloom